Business Parties, Seminars, Corporate Events, Group Meetings


The spacious banquet halls and pleasant meeting rooms are excellent for business parties, seminars, corporate events, group meetings and other events.
We will provide you with the skillful and sophisticated planning of any kind of gathering, such as association or group annual events, year-end parties, and alumni meetings. Regardless of the size of your guests, we will work to achieve your special occasion always in accordance with your budget.

Outdoor Cocktail Area, BBQ Party for Small Groups

Garden Party

The Reception House is special for its rustic space and a garden in the heart of the city.
When opening the venue’s gate, a magnificent garden is seen as the flowers bask in the sunlight.
The barbecue on the patio serves as an outdoor cocktail area or a BBQ party for small groups of up to 30 people. This area is great for more of a casual-type gathering, while still serving exceptional cuisine-- in particular, the Argentine Asado barbecue.
Experience the world famous Asado with its juicy, flavorful meat

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