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Reception House has brought joy to people celebrating all different occasions, from weddings to graduation parties to birthdays.


Let’s Plan Your Perfect Wedding Together

Reception House will personalize and customize all occasions for you. You will have several meetings with our wedding specialist to bring your dream wedding to life. Regardless of party size, we will work to achieve your special occasion, while staying within your budget. We always book only one event at a time so that you are never on the heels of another event. You receive our undivided attention from all our staff and services.

Reception House offers a venue incorporating elegance and character. Like a private oasis in the midst of New York City, our venue offers outdoor weddings, complete with a flourishing garden and a Victorian style Gazebo for a unique, rustic themed celebration. Whether you choose to have an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, your wedding with Reception House will be an unforgettable day.


Celebrate the birthday of your precious baby

Decorating the venue to customized theme, the cozy and pleasant space will surely be memorable to guests, as well as your child. All parts of the party from the table settings to the walkways will be decorated following your preferences, as well as by name, gender, and age. We will hold an unforgettable celebration to bring a radiant smile to your child’s face.


For your 16th birthday, a DJ and entertainment will be arranged on a festive stage to bring excitement and fun.


Celebrating the 70th and 80th birthday with your loved ones for a blissful, touching time. Make your birthday one to remember by creating special memories.

Events&Garden Party

Business|Seminars|Corporate Events|Group Meetings

The spacious banquet halls and pleasant meeting rooms are excellent for business parties, seminars, corporate events, group meetings and other events. We will provide you with the skillful and sophisticated planning of any kind of gathering, such as association or group annual events, year-end parties, and alumni meetings. Regardless of the size of your guests, we will work to achieve your special occasion always in accordance with your budget.


The Reception House is special for its rustic space and a garden in the heart of the city. When opening the venue’s gate, a magnificent garden is seen as the flowers bask in the sunlight. The barbecue on the patio serves as an outdoor cocktail area or a BBQ party for small groups of up to 30 people. This area is great for more of a casual-type gathering, while still serving exceptional cuisine– in particular, the Argentine Asado barbecue.


Quality Buffet Exceptional service

The outstanding cuisine makes the Reception House a premier spot. San Soo Kap San 2, a leader of catering in the New York community for 20 years, will aid in selecting the perfect menu for you. San Soo Kap San 2’s culinary expertise is known for their freshness, exclusive ingredients and unparalleled taste.


Acclaimed by numerous guests and experts for their authentic cuisines of Western, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Asian fusions, we will serve your guests with elegantly prepared one of a kind.


Our palette includes a wide variety of selections to satisfy the most discerning taste. We believe that the food’s appeal to the eye is as essential as it is to the taste bud.

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